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canc lor angela merkel's cell phone. president obama steered clear of the controversy, as he helped swear in his new fbi director. but the white house is saying u.s. intelligence gathering is under review. >> the president clearly feels strongly about making sure that we are not just collecting information because we can but because we should. >> reporter: besides being embarrassing, spying on allies could have economic consequences, as washington works to negotiate a major trade deal with the european union. >> reporter: former state department analyst, james louis says the u.s. won't stop the program because in a post 9/11 world, the information is too valuable. >> this makes us safer. less surveillance means more successful attacks. >> reporter: the white house hopes to complete its veview by the end of the year. >> danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> some u.s. lawmakers are defending spying practices. they argue places such as france are safer because of the nsa's surveillance. >>> breaking news right now about r&b singer chris brown. >> we have just learned the charges
saylor's 20th birthday. deborah debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> new tonight at 11:00, the obama administration now giving everybody an extra six weeks to sign up for the affordable care act. you have to do it by march 31st or face a penalty. technical difficulties have plagued health since it started. >> and the race for governor. a new poll shows who wins could be determined whether more women or men hit the polls. they give mcauliffe 51%. and kuch of cuccinelli 59%. and among women mcauliffe leads 58-34. robert sarvis has 8% and the poll has margin of error of 4.5%. >> and tonight a stump for votes in herndon, and bringing along bill clinton. >> we are defending virginia against an overzealous government, i give you the next governor of virginia. >> that would be ken cuccinelli and rand paul stumping for him. but mr. clinton did say he knows how to bring more jobs to virginia. in the meantime ken kutchin yell i was -- cuccinelli was also in virginia, supported by rand paul and this afternoon they spoke to a packed ground at the fairfax firehouse. >> and both cuccinelli and paul did
, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the cost of obama care you have not heard about. jan crawford uncovers where more than billion dollars of taxpayers' money is going. >>> he served four tours in iraq and afghanistan. why his mission to save fellow marines could end his military career. >>> plus, they're painting the town red in boston. the sox, did you hear, take the series and help a city heal. >>> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it hasn't happened in 95 years. >> the red sox celebrate a win. >> why are you crying? >> i'm so happy.
remark, parilla singled out president obama for tightening financial restrictions on cuba instead of listening the u.s. grip. cuba says the margo has cost over one $.1 stallion since president kennedy imposed in 1962. a pakistani family who survived a u.s. drone strike has appeared before congress in a historic hearing. on tuesday, he and his family told the story of the attack that killed his 68-year-old mother. nine-year-old nabila rehman described watching her grandmother blown to pieces. her brother, 13 years old, was injured with shrapnel wounds in the strike, said "my grandmother was nobody's enemy." it was the first time ever congress has heard directly from drone strike the him's. just five lawmakers, all democrats, chose to attend. we will bring you some of those who testified tomorrow on democracy now! following to dead multiple shootings on tuesday. in south carolina, six people were shot in what please call the murder-suicide involving the family. the victims included two children. in texas, shooting spree in a killed fiveell people. the alleged gunman was captured aft
will qualify for subsidies to offset the cost of new plans. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> the obama administration wants to sign up 7 million people by march the 1st. >>> the days of turning off your electronic devices for take off and landings on an airplane may be over. the federal aviation administration is changing its policy. passengers will be able to go gate to gate using devices. phone calls won't be allowed, neither is surfing the web or sending e-mail unless you're using the plane's wi-fi connection. it's unclear how many airlines will follow this rule in time for the holiday season. >>> a city man dies in police custody and now his family is suing the department. mike schuh is live outside city police head quarters. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. it has been over a year since anthony anderson died. some of his family members witnessed police's attempt to take him into custody and they are say anything a lawsuit they crossed the line. >> read this multimillion dollar lawsuit and it contends that 46-year-old anthony anderson died from police brutality. we sp
the obama administration was warned about potential problems with the health care website. nancy core advertise is on capitol hill with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will face congress in just a few hours. plus, last month, do you remember this story? we introduced you to the soldier who made it his mission to rescue the afghan translator to save his life. we were there last night when the interpreter arrived in the u.s. and the two were reunited. this is really good stuff. and trouble with the trendiest condiment on the table. cbs this morning takes you inside the new plant that has neighbors all fired up. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. i have to say i was in d.c. last week for this elc dinner. i was watching of course channel 9 and i saw you. i was screaming at you from my hotel room. it was good to see you on tv. >> well, we want to see you in person, gayle. when are you going to come and let us know? we can have dinner, coffee, juice in the morning? >> i would like that. i would like that. i'll give you a heads up next time but it w
the president on the spying in 2010. the obama administration denies it. but some members of congress are skeptical. >> remember the nsa works for the president. so it's a question of did the president want to hear what the chancellor was saying because through his national security advisor he knew or should have known. >> reporter: others say that the white house has to answer to no one. >> the president should stop apologizing. the reality is that the nsa has saved thousands of lives in the united states and france and germany and throughout europe. >> reporter: the nsa ended the eavesdropping after a white house review uncovered the operation this summer. >> and more damaging could be coming. greenwald who first reported that snowden had the documents says that the newspaper will publish new revelations this week. >>> more problems for this weekend. enrollment went down completely yesterday. the problems have angered many in congress. senator is calling for a one- year delay of the mandate that requires all americans have health insurance by march 31st of next year o
mcginnis reporting for wjz. >> president obama hits the road this week to build public support for the affordable care act. sunday a senior white house aid insisted the president was told the website would work on day one but said that's no excuse. >> the website failures are absolutely inexcusable. >> the website was down for repairs this weekend. a new poll shows 48% of americans believes the government has done a poor job of implementing the healthcare law. >> the president's concern is not poll numbers but getting this website working so millions of americans have access to affordable health insurance. >> republicans are skeptical. >> they're trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles per hour down the expressway. >> even some democrats want taken down for repairs. >> i said this directly to the president's chief of staff, they aught to take down the website. >> americans are learning more about the new law. 55% of those polled say they now know enough to understand how it impacts them. that's up 8%. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness e admin
minutes or so with a panel of politics and president obama. in the meantime we will show you pass coverage from texas >> i was trained as a scientist but became richer later. for me when of the bigger responsibilities is asking tough questions of science is often in cheerleading. those who ask a lot of tough questions of lot of headlines are that science events is but not until later when people start to ask questions about what happened in the long ago so it is important to ask the questions of ethics but also not demonize science in the process. of this is portraying the people behind the science in sometimes well-intentioned scientists accidentally have negative effects. i thought it is important to present the issues but not a scare people so much of the story is about african-americans who have a history of being afraid to go to the doctor because the history of being used in research. i didn't want to make that problem worse. site and this is scary to people rather nanotechnology that we don't understand or cloning a or it is easy to scare people. how do i balance all of these things
and criticizing president obama. at one point, he said the president should quote, go back to kenya. senator cruz was asked about the remarks yesterday. >> well, i love my father. he is a pastor and a man of deep integrity. he made a joke. it was ill advised. sadly, those trying to play the politics of personal destruction are trying to smear him and use that to attack me. it's a shame. >> his father has a strong following in texas especially among tea party groups and campaigned often alongside his son. i'm don lemon in new york. today is the end of daylight saving time. you fall back this time of year setting your clock back an hour. set your clock back an hour. daylight saving time officially starts at 2:00 a.m. eastern. okay? it's daylight saving, no "s." "black fish" begins in a moment. see you back here tomorrow night. >>> orange county fire rescue? >> 6600 sea harbor drive. seaworld stadium. >> okay. >> we actually have a trainer in the water with one of our whales, the whale they aren't supposed to be in the water with. >> okay. we'll get somebody en route. >> gate number three seaworld s
to the other thing that's happening today. president obama in boston trying to highlight how health reform works but also under fire for saying repeatedly over the last few years, if you like your plan, you can hold on to t now, 2 million people have already gotten notices that their plans are being canceled, because they don't meet the minimum requirements. they are now having to shop around. >> it will certainly be one to watch today. tracie potts, thank you very much. >>> today, officials in alameda releasing more information about the discovery of more than a dozen seniors found without adequate care at a castro valley nursing home. removing 14 elderly patients from the valley spring manor care facility. the patients have been left there with only three staff members for two days. the rest of plothe employees le after they shut down that facility. the facility was dirt. the facility's owner and attorneys say his client does not agree with the state's finding. the facility was, in fact, properly staffed. in the meantime, an advocate for the elderly suing the state for putting the elder
's the truth. >> a lot ocomments, obviously, about the affordable care act. obama care as its known. >> i mean, that certainly dominated the news today but there are quite a few other things. we saw the fed decision out there. that moved the marks quite a bit. a lot of people thought that the dollar might get weaker. it didn't. a lot of people were thinking that the fed statement was a lot more hawkish than anticipated. >> now we discuss today. let's look ahead to tomorrow. he walks down about 40% but could earnings give this a boost? >> if you look as these earnings, a headline of 77. asset sales make things better. we know it would have happened and their tax rate went up. if you think that there is a savior in copper, it is not. this is 95% gold. >> it's actually get up 50%. after the close, karen. >> this has been a really good one. i have to say the easy money has been made here already. that's mostly down and now they will turn more to earnings and that is a pe multiple. it's not that cheap. we're coming into a new phase. >> coming up next, we're talking about the just released earnings
coming up soon. 5:11. >> president obama will meet with house republicans today to try to get immigration legislation moved through congress. the legislation is stalled in the house. months ago the senate passed a comprehensive bill to tighten border security to provide a path for citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. most house republicans reject that comprehensive approach to immigration reform. >> the syrian hackers were able to change the meaning of some of the president's tweets overnight. scott mcgrew, a clever hack. >> this is again an attack from the so-called syrian electronic army. what they did was they gained access to the short code links used by the president's elections site. so take a look. this is an example tweet. i'm making this up. he might say hey, take a look at this important issue, and that would be him. then there is a link to a webpage he wants you to look at but it's shortened. i think you've seen these shortened things on twitter. hackers were able to redirect that short url system to point to other content so the president's
under pressure as well. >> reporter: no question. the white house has got to explain did president obama know and did he know for a long time what was going on at the nsa that we were tapping the phones of world leaders and if he didn't know why so. the white house is in a tough spot. we may start to get some answers to house intelligence committee is going to hear from general keith alexander, he is in charge at the national security agency, lawmakers want to know how extensive were these surveillance programs, now there are allegations that there were ordinary citizens in europe that we spied on in addition to world leaders, so some of those questions expected to come up today. the senate intelligence committee likely to hear from them at some point. california's own senator dianne feinstein, the head of that committee said with respect to nsa collection of intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies including france, spain, mexico and germany, she says let me state i am totally opposed. a top democrat in the senate from california, opposed to what the administration is now trying to explai
, they were warned. nbc news obtained a new report showing the obama administration knew about problems with the health care website weeks before its launch, as cat l kathleen s heads to capitol hill toy for what's expected to be a contentious hearing. can she keep her job? >>> her hero. for the first time, the wife of a nevada teacher who was killed during that tragic school shooting speaks out. >> he has told everyone that everyone he loves and cared about, he would lay down his life for them, and that's exactly what he did that day. >> this morning, her surprising message to the gunman's family. >>> and show-steelers. the ohio state marching band's
. breaking news today, it claims to have hacked president obama's twitter and facebook page. you know, when it comes to things like redirecting sites, etc., it's been hacked, but we're watching that story as well. this as twitter is about to go public in the next month. let's get to facebook. facebook should be losing some friends in the u.s., spooking investors ahead of its earnings on wednesday. nicole petallides is watching that at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: that's right. i have to tell you we're watching the facebook shares today, liz, pulling back some after recently hitting levels, new highs, right, that we hadn't seen. today pulling back 3%. there's some concern ahead of their report which will be due out on wednesday that they may be losing some domestic users. in the meantime, credit suisse actually didn't help this story because they actually put the price target now to $61. so we're watching that. when they raise the price target, really they still remain with a neutral rating, so there's certainly not this buy 'em up or move into $70 routine. we're starting to hea
. >> my understanding is that companies urance involved in writing the obama and if that is true, wouldn't they lean towards he policy that would be more advantageous for them? >> the insurance companies like of the healthtors care world did give the input to capitol hill for sure. and every sector, whether it's an insurance company or a hospital or another medicare care er or a health provider as well want this law to work out well for them. ut there's no doubt they lobbied to get permissions they liked or dislike. but the thing to remember is all of that takes information and creates the law fit.hey see again, i don't want to say that industries don't influence it. insurers like some things in this law. they don't like other things. hey geelt a lot of new customers. millions of new customers as part of the creation of the care act. they don't like the fees and taxes on the industry. customers.he new they are lobbying to stop some of the feed but there's a mixed of the companies in health care. >> the los angeles times put out story taking a look at the cases in insurance and some case
, dc? i wonder what he would think about the downward course our nation has taken under president obama in the few years and the partisan gridlock that has paralyzing washington right now. i would love to hear his prescriptions on the big issues we face -- how to jumpstart economic wrote when the majority party is fixated not on growth on distribution of people's hard-earned money. i'm also locked into a pretty competitive damage fantasy football league. getting some tips from jack would be quite helpful as well. [laughter] thankfully, jack has left an enduring legacy as a champion of allah sees that create growth and opportunity and we can continue to draw lessons from his leadership for years to come. when i was running for governor in 1994, jack kemp was the first national figure, maybe my dad was the first national figure to think about it that perhaps, jack was the second national figure to come down to campaign for this rookie candidate. he was smart, charismatic, a tireless campaigner and a fun guy to be around. this night, in preparation of the remarks, i went back and looked at
washington. >> white house officials will meet with the european union delegates later today. president obama is already saying there needs to be additional constraints on how the united states gathers intelligence. >>> former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa faces more legal problems. a grand jury indicted him yesterday on a false impersonation charge. it's related to a phony mailer. prosecutors say shirakawa conjured up to discredit a san jose city council candidate. shirakawa has already pleaded guilty to stealing public funds he says was fueled by a gambling addiction. he's scheduled to be sentenced in november. >>> a south bay man pleaded no contest to charges he threatened state senator leland ye. prosecutors say everett basham was angry about attempts to banish assault weapons. he sent an e-mail, and when police went to basham's santa clara home they found bomb-making materials and illegal weapons. basham faces up to ten years in prison. >>> happening today, san francisco supervisors will put forward a plan to charge you 20 cents more for a can of soda. the idea coming fr
on the intelligence committee. president obama is promising to scale back intelligence collection, saying that just because the spy agencies can do something, doesn't mean they should. and moving now towards banning spying on friendly foreign leaders. >>> today the head of the nsa will have to face the house intelligence committee as calls for reform mount across europe and at home. european parliament members even came to the u.s. to protest america's targeting of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. >> we are asking ourselves if now the u.s. or the nsa is considering merkel a terrorist? >> reporter: senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein ordered a review saying i do not believe the united states should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers. republican susan collins quickly followed saying, "i know of no justification for the administration's collection of intelligence on the leaders of our closest allies, such as chancellor angela merkel." spying on merkel has created a flash point undercutting white house arguments that the massive nsa collec
-tech representatives from the silicon valley immigration advocacy group are also attending the event. president obama wants to congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. >>> time now 6:15. disgraced former sap that clara county supervisor george shirakawa has been indicted by a criminal grand jury. the indictment is tied to allegations of a political dirty trick three years ago. investigators say shirakawa impersonated a san jose city council candidate on bogus mailers that linked her to the communist government in vietnam. shirakawa resigned in march due to another scandal. he was accused of stealing public money and campaign donations to pay for his alleged gambling habit. >>> a federal judge is ruling that former alameda fire chief dave kapler has to pay the city's legal costs in his termination lawsuit. in september of 2010 he was fired after he was photographed using a city gasoline pump to fuel up his bmw. kapler appealed the city's decision but last year, it was upheld by a state appeals court. on friday the judge ruled that kapler has to pay the more than $260
responsible for carter on a serving one term. you know, i think we are headed in that direction. mr. obama's seems to want to make the democrats volker approved by nominating someone who is inclined to print a lot of cash. melissa: i would say at the same time keynesian is would listen to this conversation that having an laugh and say, there is no evidence of inflation. it is not coming. you're trying to scare people. is there any way in that argument? >> i do not believe that there is. right now the economy has a lot of excess capacity. if the economy gets going all this money floating around will start to push up prices. people will be more confident, spend more of their stock-market gains, then watch out. at that point once you let the horse out of the barn you find out that he is a thoroughbred stallion and you cannot catch him. melissa: peter just said that we are okay as long as the economy does not recover. that makes me feel better. >> also, the reason to worry, this is where people worry about bernanke. bernanke i think things what he thinks milton friedman would do, a crisis, bad
about when the obama administration was warned about potential problems with the healthcare website. nancy cortes is on capitol hill where health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is facing congress right now. plus do you remember last month when we introduced you to the soldier who made it his mission to rescue the afghan translator who saved his life. we were there last night when that interpreter arrived in the u.s. and, boy, is this a great story? look at this. they were reunited last night at the airport. it's my favorite story of the newscast today. and trouble with the trendiest condiment. the new plant that has neighbors fired up. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. it's a seracha plant. what is it? somebody said it was a sausage. it's wrong. >> they are wrong. you have to try it. >> have some water nearby. all right. have a good day. >> they are laughing in new york. >>> okay, thanks. have a great show. 6:52. game 6 world series in boston at fenway. why getting to boston turned into a very long journey for the cardinals. we'll tell you. >>
have to pay $170,000 in penalties under obama care. this is picking the winners and losers and we are the losers. no way i can be competitive to cover $170,000. here are my options. do not pay the penalty and raise my prizes and go out of business. lay off 35 employees who don't have to pay the penalty and move more production to this country. reduce 35 jobs. here's a quote from the other. since the high labor and low margin business cannot afford to pay for insurance for our employees, we are faced with closing our business through bankruptcy though there obligations that continue whether we operate it or not. fire enough employees to get under 50, limiting our business and even if we doze, many expenses such as rental agreements. what am i supposed to tell these people? >> i think that in that employer market, about 95% of all american businesses are exempt from any requirement to cover employee insurance, and they are outside the law. they continue to be outside the law, but they will have some new options for those who want to cover their employees and some new tax credit poss
are helping fix the obamacare website. google and oracle are among the companies lending experts to the white house to debug the problems. the website has been plagued with glitches since its debut at the beginning of the month. the health and human services secretary promised to have things ironed out by the end of november. >>> the roller coaster for facebook stock continues today. here's a look at the stock's journey from ipo to close today. an announcement yesterday sent the stocks soaring. the company record better-than- expected earnings and strong mobile usage. >>> one thing spooked investors. our ryan takeo shows why some worry if facebook can hold the attention of young teens. >> reporter: at walnut creek's cream, it's clear to see some customers social media tastes are changing. take charlie miller for example. >> 14. >> reporter: he quit facebook. his mom just talked to his sister about it. >> just after the other day did you use facebook very much, it's pretty much not for teenagers anymore. >> reporter: that's the fear for some facebook investors that young teens are moving to s
president obama's health care program has gotten off to a rocky start. the new documents show just how slow the process has been right from the beginning. details, coming up. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all stand
that president obama has been briefed on the situation, not a surprise, lax being a huge international hub and the threat and fear of terrorism. we have no idea what this was all about, what the motivation was here or really what happened to the suspect or the shooter himself, if he is in custody, killed, shot, wounded, we're still waiting on that information but the president and the white house did release this statement saying the president has been briefed about the shooting at lax. we'll continue to stay in touch with our federal and local partners. the lapd is leading the response and investigation. we urge citizens to listen to the authorities and follow directions from the first responders on site. the president will continue to receive briefings throughout the day. while the lapd may be leading this investigation at the moment this is a multiagency effort -- >> that's knbc's coverage, shots fired at terminal three at los angeles international airport. the terminal serves airtran, alaska, horizon, jetblue, and virg virgin australia. the incident is apparently over and that a shoote
that it plan to release later this month. the obama administration says it is working to correct the glitches and hopes to have it up and running well by the end of this month. >>> he is begging for mercy. fugitive edward snowden is pleading for international support tonight to stop what he calls america's persecution of him. a german lawmaker flew to moscow to visit the former nsa contractor who was granted asylum in russia after leaking the nsa's domestic spying programs. the lawmaker was there to discuss the recent reports also that the u.s. is also spying on germany including chancellor angela merkel. why there, the lawmaker says snowden gave him a letter in which he asks the united states to stop treating him like a traitor. the u.s. has not responded. >>> okay. call it the other push to go green. as the movement to legalize marijuana gains steam, there's one aspect of the debate that may not be getting enough attention. >> we're talking about the impact to our environment. our investigative reporter traveled across the state to expose the damage done by many pot growers. >> unfortunatel
on the commercial market a requirement for being an obama car provider. they have removed alameda alliance for health from the exchange. they say it was initially included in the roster of available insurers because it was expected to get a commercial license by october 31. but "covered california" was notified that the state didn't approve the application. it's not clear how many people signed up with alameda alliance. but those who did will be contacted and asked to pick another insurer. >>> con artists are continuing to find new ways to carry out old scams. the irs is issuing a warning about scammers pretending to be irs agents. they are calling and telling people they owe back taxes and have to pay with a prepaid debit or credit cards saying scammers use fake names and irs badge numbers, may be able to reciter social security number and spoof the irs phone number to make it appear they are calling from the irs. it's just the latest scheme to get victims to purchase prepaid cards and reveal the numbers printed on the back. once you have handed over that code, the money is as good as go
says having a democrat in the white house gets the project fund. >> obama was there and had had was there you have money for oakland. that's been crude offer one of those characters. forget it. wouldn't be here. >> it's to reduce truck pollution and generate several thousand new jobs. many jobs lost when the base closed in 1999. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. this weekend solar eclipse. how you can see it thanks to man who lives thousands office miles away. that story [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. . >> celebrated chinese artist and political dissident planning major art exhibition on alcatraz. currently working with the national park service and other local agency to get approval for the project. if it is approved the show can open some time in the fall of 2014. so far
presence out here this morning. president obama has offered condolences to los angeles leaders and the tsa. a lot of grief this morning. and, dan, a lot of questions, too. >> cecilia, thank you. >>> the most burning question is, of course, why. we've been gathering information about the suspect. he mentioned homicide in text messages to his family. and he was carrying notes that indicated he has anti-government views. for more on this, let's go to abc's chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, in washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: law enforcement offices say ciancia had a note with him, that he expected to die in the airport confrontation. in the notes, the suspect details specific anger and frustration with the tsa. last night, the fbi searched his home in los angeles. and focus on his hometown of pinsville, new jersey. we spoke to the pinsville police, who offered details on the young man's state of mind. family members made calls yesterday, expressing concern about the younger man. >> their younger child got a text message from paul. and there were comments about his well
presence. president obama has expressed condolences to the tsa and the city of los angeles. bianna, a lot of grief out here this morning. and a lot of questions. >> cecilia, thank you. >>> the most burning question is, of course, why. overnight we've been gathering information about the suspect, paul ciancia. he mentioned homicide in text messages to his family. and we know he was carrying notes that indicated he has anti-government views. for more on this, let's go to abc's chief justice correspondent, pierre thomas, in washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. law enforcement sources say ciancia carried a note with him, expressing anti-government sentiments, suggesting he expected to die in the airport confrontation. and our sources tell us, in the notes, the suspect details specific anger and frustration with the tsa. last night, the fbi searched his home in los angeles. and focused on his hometown of pennsville, new jersey. we spoke to the pennsville, police, who offered details on the young man's state of mind. turns out family members had called police yester
at morland avenue at 3:00. >>> new this morning president obama says budget negotiations in congress are about choices and priorities. in his weekly address the president urges congress to pass a budget on spending, insphraw structure and -- infro infrastructure and research. he says there is cutting just for cutting. >> the deficits are getting smaller and not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years. it gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking it to young people or underminding our bedrock retirement and health programs or cutting basic research that hence us grow. >> negotiators hope to strike a deal that would avert a new round of automatic cuts that are set to hit the pentagon and the domestic programs. >>> today at&t park will be transformed into a science wonderland. more than 30,000 people are expected to flood the field to explore interactive wonders of science and technology. the event will feature a robot zoo, experiments and other activities from people of all ages. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 and it is free. >>> sti
at 3:00. >> new this morning, president obama said budget negotiations in congress are about choices and priorities. in his weekly address he urges congress to pass a budget that includes spending on education, infrastructure and research. he said there's an obsession for cutting spending just for the sake of cutting. he said it's not helping grow the economy. >> remember, our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years so that gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking it to young people or undermining our bedrock retirement and health security programs or cutting basic research that helps us grow. >> house and senate budget negotiators hope to strike a deal that would avert a new round of automatic cuts set to hit the pentagon and domestic programs. >> ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, the east bay city installing cameras everywhere to keep track of people coming and going. and a live look outside right now from our sutro cam. it's going to be 66 degrees in san francisco today. maybe rain next
bess truman, then president obama speaking at a congressional memorial speaker for the late speaker tom foley. then, honoring former florida governor jeb bush. >> bess truman served as first lady on her own terms. story of the wife of the 33rd president of the .nited states, bess truman is nicole anslover the author of a biography on harry truman. wase we left off last week the death of president roosevelt , april 12, 1945. where was harry truman he got the message he was needed? >> he was having a drink as he often did. having alaxing and somewhat cordial atmosphere. he received a phone call and said he just knew. he raced to get to the white house. >> mrs. roosevelt was at a luncheon. they didn't tell her anything. ,hen she got to the white house it was us price. -- a he looked horrible during the last campaign. they knew he was going. he was ashen. his a non-girl address had to be ural address inaug had to be given from the white house. it was not really a surprise to anyone. 2 hours later, in the cabinet room, at the white house, harry truman to the oath of office.
yesterday with president obama, with speakers and panelists and all the networking and matchmaking opportunities that were not. today, promises to be even better. let's get started. i am very pleased to announce the start of our first panel entitled, "why select the usa -- using the usa as the next core platform. >> we have a great lineup including my friend u.s. trade representative kirk a froman. house form of tennessee, lewd week village, the ceo of bmw north america and dug over helmand, the ceo of caterpillar. i'm going to let the moderator go into a little more detail about each of our panelists. let me introduce who will moderate today's panel. erwin is a washington columnist and the economics editor of a widely read blog in the post. gethe walk block, you can the post news on policy and analysis. an author who is cover the federal reserve and led the post coverage during the financial crisis. lazy gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our moderator, neil erwin. [applause] >> takes a much. we heard from the secretary, we have been through an era in which trade deals were
rival. romney behind a similar health care plan in massachusetts says that president obama failed to learn from the mistakes of massachusetts and, worse, sold the plan under false pretenses. the whole thing, romney says, is rotting away the president's second term. >>> the senate is expected to vote today on enda the employment nondiscrimination act based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the first time in u.s. history they voted on this. if they approve the pressure a final senate vote could come on wednesday. >>> a terrifying moment in the skies over wisconsin. two planes carrying sky divers for a formation jump this weekend, these two planes collided in mid air. one of the planes crashed. now, all 11 sky drivers managed to jump to safety. two of them did suffer minor injuries. the pilot of the plane that went down was badly bloodied and appeared to hurt his hand. he is doing okay today. imagine that. two planes collide and everyone doing okay. >> that is amazing. they all had chutes because they were going to do a jump but still a crash is not what you expect to do when
think the public, you know, has to -- i mean, here's -- why are we bringing this up? the obama administration is now in this sort of overdrive mode. they're basically telling the public it's holding wall street accountable for its sins, and as you know, following the financial crisis not a single bank, not a single top bank executive really has been, none of them have been indicted or charged. liz: so they're on fox business started e-mailing in on the chime and saying where are the perp walks? >> i like eric, but he's technically wrong about that because there have been plenty of perp walks. steve cohen has not been charged, but michael steinberg -- liz: we did have that video of him -- >> that was a perp walk. matthew martoma. my point is, the bigger point i'm trying to make is there's some publicity value out of this. they're trying to conflate this with the financial crisis. they haven't indicted anybody for the financial crisis crime, and you heard him say this, he almost admitted it, no firm is too big, no bank is too big to go after -- liz: to jail. >> we are proving tha
at the time, but have since been banned by the obama administration. walid bin attash's attorney, cheryl bormann, says she's not allowed to talk about the interrogations because they've been classified. was your client water-boarded? >> cheryl bormann: i can't answer that question. a proposed protective order bans me from telling you anything i know about what happened to my client, beginning from the moment of his capture in 2003 until the moment that he landed in guantanamo bay in 2006. >> stahl: so, if you were to tell me that he was subjected to a specific harsh interrogation technique, you would be breaking a law, you would be...? >> bormann: i would be. >> stahl: ...convicted of something? >> bormann: i would be prosecuted and imprisoned for, i believe, up to 30 years. >> david nevin: this is not a system that is set up to deliver justice. >> stahl: david nevin represents khalid sheikh mohammed-- "ksm"-- known as the architect of 9/11. considering that ksm has admitted to the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil, you would think the case might be open- and-shut. but part of the prob
of the federal housing administration, david stevens, says the obama administration has set aside billions to give banks the incentive to help struggling and underwater borrowers with their mortgages. but banks have been slow to modify the terms of those loans. >> the fact of the matter is, these programs are designed to affect those who are most at risk, who are unable to make their payments, and it does require the investor, the servicer, to participate. >> the decision to walk away from the sinking home by people who can afford to pay is spreading like a virus, because as one person on the street does it, the next-door neighbor says, "what am i doing? why am i putting all this money into this almost worthless house?" >> the concern has to be-- for someone who's gonna take that move--is that they have to be so deeply in negative equity that they're willing to damage their credit, damage their financial reputation going forward. if you get foreclosed on in your home--you walk away from your mortgage when you could have afforded it, particularly-- that's gonna follow that family for years
happening on automatic pilot, without obama administration officials knowing. and that, he says, will stop. the nsa is accused of tapping the phones of world leaders. >>> how is the rush hour finally shaping up. let's check in with kristy breslin. >> a lot of trouble along northbound 95. starting with the delays there. we have delays at 32, over to 100. then traffic slows down again through the 895 split, to whitemarsh boulevard. watch for an accident in the harford county area. northbound 95, just past route 24. right now, only one lane is getting by. as far as the beltway goes, and another serious accident on the inner loop at charles street, all lanes are blocked. sat on the west side inner loop, from southwestern boulevard to liberty road, expect at least 25 minutes to get through, with an average speed of 32 miles an hour. as far as your overall travel times go, 83 to 95. 39 miles per hour average. and 15 minutes to get through. let's now take a live look. as you can see, there's a look at the accident scene, northbound 95, just past route 24, as you can see, a lot of congestion going
obama steered clear of the controversy, as he helped swear in his new fbi director. but the white house is saying, u.s. intelligence gather suggest under review. >> the president clearly feels strongly about making sure that we are not just collecting information because we can, but because we should. >> reporter: besides being embarrassing, spying on allies could have economic consequences, as washington works to negotiate a major trade deal with the european union. >> reporter: former state department james lewis says the u.s. won't stop the program because in a post-9/11 world, the information is too valuable. >> this makes us safer. less surveillance means less successful successful -- more successful attacks. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> some u.s. lawmakers are defending the spying practices. they argue places like france are safer because of the nsa's surveillance program. >>> it's been one year since super storm sandy battered the northeast. and still communities are trying to pick up the pieces. the damage up the east coast was catastrophic. mostly i
counts for a lot. mr. obama with all due respect. he never had been in government. he had been a senator. >> rose: for a brief time. >> it's not the same to be in the executive -- >> rose: when you look at his -- >> i'm just pointing out a fact. i cannot criticize, it's not my country and he's not my president. but you know for example in mexico, he comes from the state of mexico where he was governor. president clinton came from the state of kansas where he was governor. >> rose: arkansas. >> arkansas. that's a real cost like calderon, he's never been in government. so it's a handicap. the executive branch has its own rules. >> rose: politics is different than business. >> it's very different. very different. yes. absolutely. that's why i never run for politics? >> rose: because. >> it's different. >> rose: it's different in that it'sism me first of all mean it's not simply black and white. it's nottism me about the numbers. it's about people in an interesting way and it's about politics and it's about coalitions. >> exactly. i would say for government office. now i am in politics
incidente al erzar, pero suerte ra los tripantes, rezsultaron ilesos. rack obama descartóa posibilidad de frnar s deportaciones los dreamers, el prente dijo que se debía de reforxzar las >>> hablando de immigración, vari padres del drea team erondoe bob menendez y pidieron apoyo para una reforma migrat para que los osñadores puedan gresar al ís sin problemas. >>> s padres estieron aquí y elsenar se llena la boca de contarios posivos ro no tierne el valor mol para venir frente a nosotr para rnos >>> d los 24, 17 fueron apbas, pe los ves están realizando una elgae hare con la intención de ser >>> se busca que la cláula de multas se pospong por meses del obamarllas de la página web >>vamo con el pajarito! > yo sé que las noticias no te las dice un pajarito pero a mi >>> ax synthec logró su fotografíacostev tyler de aerosmh y esfan de este puerto rico e le encanta eso ss lindo, no se pidan missnd universoy bueno usde también puen ir a vern en un nuevo día. >>> a él no le dice nada el jart, ustede sigan enviando tuit n el hashtag #dejardefumar y bueno sadamos e culeaños magal
is the nationaling security agency informant claims that barack obama new that they were monitoring angela merkel in 2010. a contradiction to reports that he told her that he had no idea about the bugging. in spain in newspaper has reported that they have collected data from 60 million phone calls from one month and 2012. the information comes from documents recovered from edward snowden. on it goes. japanese media reported that the nsa asked the japanese government to help monitor communication tables linking the asia-pacific region, however tokyo refused. german politicians are demanding that they should abandon trade negotiations, at least until the issue is resolved. our tokyos correspondent responding to the claims that the national security agency and the u.s. wanted access to japanese optical fiber cables. >> this is an unnamed source, so we do not know the veracity, but it is from a reputable news , usually a reliable source of information that has had good contacts inside the japanese government. it is plausible that the report is true, saying that in 2011 the nsa, the american intellige
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